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Hydroponic Farm

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The HYDROPONIC FARM was founded by Theodosis Kalantzakis and Manolis Makrynakis for the production of fresh fruit and vegetables hydroponically.

Greenhouses and facilities are situated in the area of Makrigialos, Lasithi – Crete

The HYDROPONIC FARM is the continuity of a family farming business with 40 years experience on farms and in particular in the greenhouse sector. The history begins in 1962 when the father Kalantzakis John, dealt with vegetable crops in greenhouses.

Today, using BIOLOGICAL plant protection in combination with modern technology of facilities and experience, Hydroponic Farm produces premium quality agricultural products.

At the same time, having secured technical support and cooperation of the top technical advisers in the Hydroponics sector, HYDROPONIC FARM progresses towards the ongoing changes of the environment and rural cultures, adapting its methods to renovating procedures.

Harvesting and packaging is carried out by specialized workforce in a controlled environment, with the help of modern sorting and packaging machinery. Products are distributed by private trucks – refrigerators, strict compliance with the requirements to maintain good quality.

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